Glorious GIVE Campaign

It took a moment to compile all the sheets of music for the Glorious Chant Collection of 18 songs, but with the help of Christian Klikovits (of the Agape House Band) we were able to get the job done. NOW! Rather than print song books to sell and distribute, we made another choice to GIVE the music away. It is the right thing to do because we want folks who love the music to be able to perform it without guessing at the chords. You will receive a link to a zip file that contains 18 Instrumental tracks, 18 lead sheets with melody and chords, and 18 piano arrangements (for musicians who prefer to read the music). To purchase a CD of The Glorious Chant Collection featuring  the live performances of the chants as performed by the Agape Choir, go to the MUSIC tab or click this link.

The Sound of Agape


At The Sound of Agape website you'll find the inspirational and joy-filled music by Rickie BB and Reverend Michael, composed specifically for the Agape International Choir. Download the choral, piano and band sheet music and/or the songs and chants themselves, in digital files delivered to you in standard formats (MP3 and PDF). These will work on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Once you've completed your order, you'll receive an email with a link to all of your products, and it will never expire. Here's to the love, joy and gift of the Sound of Agape music!  


Click this link to go to The Sound of Agape website.

Agape international choir

Lead by Rickie Byars
1989 - 2018

Download: Glorious Chant Collection.zip