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February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017








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"sculpting" from clay, the Face of God. My ego immediately joined the party, telling me that I was out of my league, I was in the wrong place, and that I am creative in other ways, but not this.Needless to say, I totally forgot who I Am, and I became extremely intimidated. Rev. Joanne lovingly reminded me of the truth and she, and her amazing angel assistants, proceeded to guide and support me throughout the process until my sculpted face was complete, and I love it! If I can sculpt the Face of God, I can do anything! Yes I Can!Immediately following the workshop, and each day as I look upon the Face of God on my alter, I am transformed. I am reminded that:Life is God in expression, experiencing it's creation in All Ways, and God is All that I see.I am always in my right place!I Am, and We Are, God in Expression.God is my life, and Yes I Can!Oceans of Love, and Thank you God, Rickie B.B., Rev. Greta, Rev. Joanne, and all of the retreat Goddesses, who brought the love, the power, the joy, the compassion, the beauty, the creativity, etc. to the retreat, and to the world.  Namaste

There is nothing more honest than person experiences. The Soul Sisters team is honored and filled with great gratitude to have been able to bring such an uplifting and inspiring experience to our Soul Sisters Family! Until next year,  we wish you all hold a space for much ‍‍‍Love and Happiness in your hearts.

One week ago today, I attended Agape's 19th Annual, Soul Sisters Retreat in Temescal Canyon Park, Pacific Palisades, California, and again, it was like heaven on earth. Powerful, enlightened women of all color, backgrounds, and cultures attended this event and many traveled from near and far to play, (pajama party, hiking, singing, African dance/drumming, beach fun/ceremony, etc.), and to recharge spiritually thru many powerful, and amazing workshops. As always, the sisters glowed with the love and light that they are, and they give the true meaning of the phrase, "God's will be done on earth, as it is in heaven". At the retreat, I met many beautiful women, and I noticed that none of these new friends/sisters were strangers. We were all one in spirit, we were all the same love of God in expression, kindred spirits, whom I knew on a deep soul level. It also felt like at some time in eternity, we spirits agreed to meet at this very time and place.The highlight of this absolutely wonderful experience, was when I attended Reverend Joanne Coleman's art workshop called, "The Face of God is All I See", for fun, and as a spectator. Well, I quickly found myself immersed in a project that involved